A Companion For Your Quiet Life

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May 27, 2021
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May 28, 2021

Paisley is an 8-year-old chihuahua mix who just wants to be loved on her own terms. She is a great companion, will follow you around all day and nap in your lap or next to you on the couch if you let her, but is not super fond of getting touched.

Where Paisley shines:
Look at that adorable face! Paisley is very food-motivated, which means she learns tricks quickly. She asks before being let on the furniture and is okay being kept off it. She’s great in the car and has traveled cross-country three times! In an era of COVID puppies with terrible separation anxiety, Paisley will chill at home while you’re out, as long as you keep the trash cans closed. Paisley is content to follow you around, mop the floor while you’re cooking. If you spend a quiet evening on the couch, Paisley will curl up next to you and nap. She can sleep under the covers next to you or in her own bed.

Things to be aware of:
Paisley is an anxious dog. She will cuddle with you on her own terms, but can get grumpy pretty quickly if given unwanted pets. She does not do well with small children and is leash-reactive. She may resource-guard high-value treats like bully sticks, though she is fine letting you help her solve a kibble puzzle toy. Paisley will do best with a single person or a couple who is not very physically affectionate, in a household that is calm and quiet. She is intelligent and can be stubborn, so will do best with an experienced dog owner. Her anxiety means she needs extra care in terms of seeing the vet, grooming, and maintaining a calm environment.

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