Baby needs a home

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February 22, 2021
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February 25, 2021

I have looked for a suitable home for my moms dog unsuccessfully .
Here’s the info:

Baby is approximately 4-5 years old.  A little Smaller/slimmer than a lab.  She is beautiful, and has a heart of gold.  It’s not her fault she is now in this present predicament .

She has lived her entire life in the backyard and garage of my mom and stepdads home.  Whenever I discussed Baby’s living situation, in the past,  my stepdad basically told me to mind my own business.

My stepdad passed away last march, right at the beginning of pandemic.  I have been driving weekly to Sacramento to assist my 82 year mother since her husbands death. My Mom was not willing to give up Baby  but now it is necessary.  The property she lives on has been sold and she has to move. I am relocating her from Sacramento to Santa Rosa.  Her new residence does not have a yard.

Baby is not mean.  She jumps on you because she is so excited to have people interaction.  When she settles down, she leans on you and doesn’t want you to go.  If Baby gets out of the yard, she runs (out of happiness).  Difficult to get her back.  If you let her in the house she grabs the first thing she can get in her mouth (usually a remote).  She barks, but only at intruders close to the yard. She is smart and needs someone willing to spend time with her.

If I could, I would take her but I’m a nurse at working crazy hours.

Baby needs a family to love. She deserves a family to love.

I’m hoping, finally, Baby will find the home she has deserved her entire life.

More pics and video at your request.

Contact: or 707-244-1103.