Beautiful Border Collie puppy

Shorty who’s not so short
October 17, 2021
Gorgeous Lovable Cat
October 18, 2021

My daughter purchased this beautiful dog a few months ago and then took a job working 10 to 11 hours a day. We are looking for someone who can give him a wonderful new home as we are very sad to let him go. Roscoe at 5 months old is a very loving and intelligent smooth border collie. He is very easy to train and knows multiple commands.
He has also been crate trained but he doesn’t spend a lot of time there. Similar to most border Collie’s he needs a lot of exercise and stimulation to keep him busy. Roscoe is very affectionate toward people and definitely likes cuddles and quiet time too. He is good pals with our dog and walks with our trainers dogs. Roscoe is very good with people and loves my 2 year old granddaughter but because he is clumsy we watch him around her. Roscoe has had all of his vaccinations, worming, flea meds, and has been micro chipped. Roscoe would thrive in a home where someone will spend time with him and make sure he gets stimulation and exercise. He would be an amazing agility dog or wonderful on a farm or with a yard to run. He already likes to chase geese off the playgrounds and soccer fields here in town. Any potential owner should know that he has leash reactivity and we are working on that. He walks well in in areas where he won’t have to be concerned about confronting unknown dogs. Contact: or (510) 332-9385.

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