Buddy, almost 2 yo running partner and protector

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October 8, 2021
Sweet puppy needs new home
October 12, 2021

Meet Buddy, a brindle rescue mutt from San Francisco. He’ll be two at the end of November, and has been with our family of 5 since he was 4.5 months old. Buddy is loved by his family, including three children aged 7 to 12. He is a favorite at our local doggie day care and has made tons of friends with the dogs and those that work there. He’s great with other dogs, and is always eager to play. Buddy has tons of energy and his favorite ways to expend his energy is by going on runs, walks, hikes, playing tug of war, chasing us in the backyard, and playing with other dogs. He does protect his toys and food when other dogs come to our house. We are sadly needing to re-home Buddy. He is a guard dog and reacts when people come into our home by barking and growling. In a handful of cases he has nipped. He has never broken skin, but in these situations, he can be persistent, needing to be leashed while we have visitors. He has never reacted to or nipped our kids or us. We have worked with a dog behaviorist and have made some progress, however the amount of structure and training he needs isn’t something we can provide with our constant and revolving door of visiting kids / parents . Buddy is a sweet and loyal dog who we feel would be a good fit in a structured home with older children/ no children, and he will need consistent training to feel secure when people come to visit. He is a healthy dog who has regular vet visits and is up to date on his vaccinations. Contact: lori.engelhardt@gmail.com or (415) 706-9591.

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