Bueller is a four-year-old rescue from Dubai (United Arab Emirates). He was a tiny kitten living on the street and I took him in “temporarily”, and now here we are…
– Neutered.
– Up-to-date on vaccinations.
– Outgoing and lovable with humans but prefers to be an only cat.
– Has never met a dog.
– Special dietary needs.
Bueller is allergic to many common cat-food ingredients so he needs to eat a special diet. His food is available on Amazon or Chewy’s. I have tried a lot of different foods and treats and found that he’s very sensitive, so he really needs to stay on one particular diet. I love Bueller and would never consider giving him up, but now I am moving to Africa and I am worried that I won’t be able to get him the correct food (I have been researching). Also, Bueller has a heart murmur (NOT heart disease!) and he gets extremely nervous when traveling even a short distance (e.g. to the vet), so I don’t think it’s in his best interest to take him to Africa. It breaks my heart to part with this cuddly, adoring, beautiful boy but it’s the best thing for him to find a new loving home here in the bay area. Contact: katnkeeana@hotmail.com or (415) 214-1692.

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