Buff Tabby Cat

Older female cat
September 20, 2021
Re-Home two bunnies
September 20, 2021

Hi, I have a buff tabby kitty named Mimi.  Full name is Pumpkin Mimi Snickerdoodle.  Her eyes are the color of pumpkins and her coat is the color of a snickerdoodle cookie.  My daughter decided her name was Mimi, and we found that to be correct, because that’s what she answers to.  She’s 13, in excellent health, and very small- 7 lbs.   I need to find a new home for her, because I’ll be  buying a van to travel the country, and I don’t think she’ll be a happy camper.
She was abused as a kitten and wouldn’t allow people to touch her when I first got her from the shelter, at 7 months old.  Now she loves attention, esp. head rubs!  She loves people and is not shy at all.   She has a slight heart murmur but the vet says it shouldn’t ever bother her.  She’s a special cat and needs to be an only cat, but is fine with small dogs.  She loves to lay outside in the sun in the afternoons but is mostly an inside cat.  I will take her back if it doesn’t work out for any reason.  I have a few months before I leave and would like to find the perfect place for her. Contact: Safricapat@sonic.net or (707) 494-1192.

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