Casey-the-Cat seeks home with a big heart

German Shepherd/ Husky Mix looking for forever home
July 6, 2021
July 10, 2021

Casey was a brave and frightened kitten when she (after being lost or abandoned), wandered into our senior community, in November of 2019. We took her into one of our homes, got her vaccinated and spayed, and have given her love so that she can learn to trust and be with humans. Due to our age and other constraints, we cannot keep her. Now, it is time to find her the forever home she deserves.

Casey has been a welcome guest in Pat’s house during the Pandemic, bringing joy with her playful and curious personality. She loves to play chase with her ball and play hide-and-seek with a paper bag. She also enjoys cuddling next to Pat on the couch, getting brushed and receiving an occasional belly rub.

Casey is now slightly over a year and a half old, litter-trained and content as an indoor cat (although she could possibly become an indoor-outdoor cat). She is playful and affectionate with Pat and accepting of Pat’s husband. (They play “bouncer wand” together). Yet she is extremely shy with other people (likely due to the trauma of her abandonment as a kitten).

We suspect it will take a while for Casey to become affectionate in a new home, yet believe she will eventually do so. For this reason, Casey may do best as a companion for another cat, although she may do well in other situations.

We are seeking a patient, cat-loving forever home that can give Casey the time and affection she needs to blossom into her best self. We believe the rewards will be great for the person(s) who take Casey into their home and heart. Could that be you?

To learn more about Casey, please call or email:
Dianne (707-480-8905, or
Pat (707-577-8206)

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