Clifford the Little Yellow Dog

Conway, 9 mos, Needs a Forever Home! Great with kids!
April 24, 2021
April 25, 2021

Clifford the Little Yellow Dog is an adorable and sweet chihuahua-corgi mix. He is joyful (he literally jumps for joy!), loving, and so very eager to please. Clifford is brimming with devotion and adoration for his humans. He loves hiking, snuggling up on the sofa, and crawling in under the covers and napping against a warm leg. He is a very smart guy (a trainer once called him a Mensa!) and is very eager to learn new things. He knows how to sit and stay, and will wait until called to eat when he is fed. He is housetrained, waits quietly if left home alone, rides nicely in the car, and is generally pretty amenable to our wishes — he will even ride in a cross-body doggy carrier. He walks well on a leash but has minor leash aggression. He lives with another chihuahua mix, and could live with another dog who is generally easy-going or deferential (he would not do well with an alpha-type dog). He also lives with cats, and could live with cats again. A year or so after adopting Clifford, we had a baby (now a toddler).

Clifford guards food, and can also guard spaces, which is why we are needing to rehome him. He was our baby for 2 years, and then, once we had a human baby who started to crawl, his guarding behavior around our son really escalated and he has nipped at him in the presence of food a handful of times. We have tried managing the behavior by separating Clifford during food prep times and giving him a Kong, but the situation is generally untenable. We are so incredibly heartbroken to have to give up our first “son” and we are looking for a potential adopter that is committed to remaining child-free, and to provide the “forever home” sweet Clifford deserves for the last decade of his life. He is an absolutely wonderful dog for a person or family without children under 12, who loves walking, is an experienced dog parent, and who is ready for the commitment to a devoted companion who needs direction. We are looking for the perfect home for him, and plan to do a home visit and possibly an application, as well as a small adoption fee that will be donated directly to Sonoma Humane. If you believe you and Clifford might be a match, please feel free to email me a bit about yourself, your situation, and your family as applicable. Contact: