Emmie the Sweetest Senior Pit Mix

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January 7, 2022
Finley, 1.5 years old, Alaskan husky/pit mix
January 8, 2022

Emmie lives in a home with multiple adults and no kids. There is another dog, but we have to keep the two completely seperate because Emmie has dominance/aggression issues towards other dogs. She does fine with cats. She ideally needs to be an only dog, in an adult only household.

Emmie is 7 years old and is not totally blind but I do suspect she is somewhat vision impaired. I’ve had her since February 2021 and was told she was quite neglected previously. She has skin allergies/dematitis which I keep pretty under control with special shampoo and lotion for larger liesons. If it gets really bad she does need antibiotics but that’s only happened once under my care. It may have been weather related.

She’s the most darling dog. She knows tricks, roll over and play dead. Has the sweetest personality. Loves people and cannot get enough attention. She loves squeaky toys. Has never displayed aggression toward humans.

She loves sleeping under the blankets with me. She loves car rides, but will bark at people outside of the car. She loves swimming. I take her to the river and beach as much as possible. She’s pretty good on a leash.

Some major life changes are why I’m looking to re-home her. She can’t live with me at my new job and it breaks my heart. She’s the sweetest girl and does get seperation anxiety, she’s very attached to me.

If you’re looking to care for an older dog, and have it be the only dog in your household, she is absolutely perfect for you. Please reach out to me with absolutely any questions.

You can see more pictures on Instagram at @_sweetemmie_.   Contact: (628) 667-2269 or shoemakerlucille2@gmail.com.

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