Finley, 1.5 years old, Alaskan husky/pit mix

Emmie the Sweetest Senior Pit Mix
January 7, 2022
Mother and daughter
January 9, 2022

Finley is a loving boy with a ton of energy! He needs a backyard and lots of love. He loves cuddles and pets and his face rubbed. He is a big boy so he can knock you down when he gets excited. He’s still trying to learn what’s ok and what’s not but he will get there with the appropriate attention and a person willing to work with him.
He knows some commands (sit, paw, lay down) and we were working on stay but he’d rather be by your side ❤️

We would not be rehoming Finley if we had any other option. He is a big part of our family. But with my having to return to work and not having a yard he’s easily sliding into a depression and it’s hard to see.
So as a family we decided this is the best option for him not for us.
I’m only looking for someone who has a large yard for him to play in, and a willingness to work hard to teach him wrong and right.

He’s up to date on all vaccinations, and is fixed. He will be 2 on august 1st. Contact: or (707) 971-9366.

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