FIV kitty needs home

Loving Shiba Inu
March 12, 2021

This is Moose, who has had some tough knocks in his life. We believe that he had a home at one time, but somehow ended up in our feral colony. When he showed himself to be a love bug, we knew we needed to help find him a home. Sadly, as it turns out while he was part of the colony, he became infected with FIV, and he is currently on some antibiotics to help with a bit of an infection, but seems to be recovering.
The vet estimates him to be about five years old, and everyone agrees that he is incredibly sweet but shy. He loves pets, and scritches, but currently is afraid to be picked up or held. We believe that with love and time that will change. He has never been aggressive, even when struggling to get down, and he’s cautious to not claw or bite.
We believe he would do well with other cats, but don’t know how he would do with dogs. Small children might be a little overwhelming for him, at least for now.
Moose hasn’t always had luck on his side, but we believe the right furever home is out there waiting for him. Contact: or (925) 325-4134.