Flame Point Kitty needs a home

Loving Bassador needs forever home
December 18, 2020
Chunky, lovable cat to a good home
December 29, 2020

I found an abandoned, sick little flame point kitten, and couldn’t leave her in the middle of nowhere.  She was not microchipped.  Despite my not being a cat person, Maxine has lived with me now for 10 years. Unfortuantely I have  had a life changing medical diagnosis and am moving to the city from my farm to make life easier.  Maxine is 10 years old, and is an indoor/outdoor cat.  She uses the dog door, rules the roost over my 2 dogs, loves napping, and is very personable.  She would not be happy without access to the outdoors. I microchipped her and had her spayed, and she is up to date on her shots until June 2021.  She is beautiful, and personable!  Please feel free to call me at 707-537-1456 if she might fit into your home!