Handsome Ginger Kitty will make you laugh and sing

Sweet Frida needs a home
June 10, 2021
Older female cat
June 12, 2021

Freddie is a charming, funny and energetic kitty who needs a forever home with people who will match his high-spirited nature.
Freddie can be shy with strangers but soon warms up with reassurance and love. He loves to play and explore! He especially loves the cat teasers on a stick and will also play independently with his electronic cat teaser and with balls and plush toys.
Freddie will definitely be comic relief for his new forever family. He makes his fosterer laugh just sitting looking out at the world. But he also loves to run, jump and pounce on his toys.
Freddie’s a 8-12 month old neutered male, short haired orange tabby cat. He’s current on his vaccinations (FVRCP & rabies), is microchipped and tested negative for Feline Leukemia, FIV and parasites.
Vaccinations up to date, neutered, and special needs. Freddie’s had digestion issues (diarrhea) and has been on a specific diet of boiled chicken which alleviated the problem. Slowly his foster is incorporating one of the better quality commercial cat foods, FreshPet (wet but in kibble shapes), to his diet and he seems to be doing OK. He was on commercial cat food (wet food) earlier in the fostering but when he was given dry food, that’s when the trouble happened and couldn’t be corrected until he was given boiled chicken. It appears that his system can’t tolerate dry food but may be able to go back to wet food with a slow patient transition period.
Freddie loves people and follows his fosterer around wherever she goes. He enjoys being close including lap time and lounging with his foster on the sofa or bed. He also loves affection such as chin scratches body rubs, head pets, hugs and kisses.
Ideally Freddie’s forever home would include one or two adults and perhaps older children. We don’t know how he would respond to younger children or dogs. He play-bites when playing (but not hard) and probably wouldn’t do well with small children. He has experience with cats and enjoys playing if the other cat is open to it. He is curious and can be bold when initiating play.
If you are interested in Freddie for adoption or have questions, you can contact Donya his foster at donyajo6@gmail.com. We will set up an appointment to meet at Benicia Pet Food Express in the Cat Center, where you can meet Freddie. Donya volunteers with Solano County Friends of Animals (nonprofit all volunteer run) so there will be a $100 adoption fee for Freddie. We will wear masks and only two people at a time are permitted in the Cat Center.
With a kink in his tail and a raspy voice, this playful kitty will warm your weary heart and make you laugh. Can you give Freddie a loving forever home? He will give you much entertainment and love in return.