Indoor Burmese female

Loving indoor cats looking for new home
September 12, 2021
Good Boy
September 14, 2021

5 year old feline up for adoption….the original owner has passed away and Sophie now needs a new place to call home.
The ideal home for Sophie is a indoor space that has a quiet warm sunny window to relax and chill. Sophie’s color is jet black with beautiful emerald eyes! She is very independent and prefers to be the only feline in the room however, in her upbringing she had other felines around her that played along side her, she also mixes well with canines in the household. She loves to be petted on the back and will sit quietly beside you but not necessarily sit on your lap. She eats twice a day a can of wet food and her weight and health is in per portion to her height and weight. Please help us find Sophie a new family and home, as Sophie is able to give her new family many years of companionship and pleasure. Contact: or (707) 654-2650.

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