Loki the mischievous Puppy

Loveable Baby Nova
September 15, 2021
German Shepherd
September 18, 2021

I’ve had Loki since he was 8 was old. He is a smart loving energetic puppy. He is 9 months old and I can’t provide him with the life he deserves. Loki is a Border Collie x Great Dane mix. I wasn’t aware of the Great Dane in him when I first got him. I unfortunately live in a small apartment and work full time leaving little time to spend with him and no room for him to run. He’s great with other dogs and gentle with cats. He does need someone with experience in handling strong headed dogs and could benefit from a few training classes. He knows sit, shake and down. He has all shots except 1 but I already paid for it and will make the appointment for you to take him to Wikiup Vet hospital at no cost to you. Contact: Catttvaughn@gmail.com or (707) 888-7059.

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