Loving Blue Eyed Kitty Looking for an Outdoor Home (maybe Indoors too)

Handsome Outdoor Kitty Will Warm Your Heart
May 28, 2021
Big, playful and loving 8 year old female cat
May 29, 2021

This is Joey, a Siamese Tabby mix with beautiful blue eyes and a loving disposition. Joey is a neutered male (tipped ear) about 4 years of age and he’s had at least one set of vaccines. He lives outside partly in my yard and partly in neighbor’s yards. I believe that in the right home he could learn to live and love being indoors (maybe part time) because he seems to want to come in and enjoys the creature comforts of a kitty bed or kitty blankies to sleep on outside. He is a very sweet cat and loves pets, chin scratches, head pets and being picked up for short stints for hugs and kisses. I am looking for an outdoor forever loving home for him because I am moving and won’t be able to take an outdoor cat (apartment living) and fear for his safety and health after I leave. Because he is an outdoor kitty he will need to be confined for an integration period of at least 30 days so that when released he knows his new home and new parents. Confinement could be an outdoor shed with windows or kennel type enclosure or even a spare bedroom or utility room until he can go outside. Like any cat, Joey will need daily food, water and shelter. He might be a good mouser. It’s hard to tell bc there are many cats in my yard and I’ve never had a problem with rodents. I am willing to travel a distance to take him to his new loving and forever home. If needed I have a cat house, cat bed and/or tall cat tree that can go with him. He will be de-fleaed and I might be able to take him for rabies and FVRCP vaccines. This handsome and very sweet guy deserves the very best. Are you the perfect parent for this sweet loving outdoor kitty? Please contact me for questions about sweet Joey and the process of transitioning an outdoor kitty. Contact: donyajo6@gmail.com.