Loving Couch Potato Boy

Handsome big personality boy cat needs outside time
May 21, 2021
You and Toby are Made for Each Other!
May 24, 2021

Sweet 4 year old pit mix who loves to sleep the day away. He was rescued from an extremely abusive home before we got him. He is the epitome of a wonderful house dog. Crate trained, potty trained, knows many basic commands (sit, stay, down, sit pretty, roll over, play dead and more), doesn’t bark at the door or window, and would love to sit on the couch and hang out all day. No separation anxiety, and currently is home alone for around 7 hours a day with no issues. He needs a family that enjoys staying home to give him the attention and love he deserves. His only issues are he is extremely leash reactive so it’s very hard to take him for walks, or take him places. We travel in a camper 6 months out of the year and he has to stay with a dog sitter since he cannot come. He genuinely is one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned, he just needs someone whose home for him. Great with kids, great with adults, great with up to two dogs in the household, and lives with cats (he did chase them when he first met them but he listens when we say leave it). He loves to sleep, especially on a pile of blankets and covered up under them. Extremely healthy, up to date on all shots and medical needs. Contact: samanthaiannarelli@gmail.com.