Meet Millie — Peaceful, loving with super soft fur

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September 24, 2021
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September 25, 2021

Hi, I’m Millie!

I’m a happy, healthy West Highland Terrior (Westie) who has spent my whole life with two adult humans in Healdsburg. Due to life-circumstances with my family moving out of the area for a while, I’m looking for a loving home in Sonoma County.

Aside from being a wonderful companion, I’m as cute as you see here. My fur is unusually soft, and I prefer women over men.

I’m calm. I don’t beg for food. I don’t overeat. I’m good with other dogs and cats, never getting into fights. I don’t bark very often — only at squirrels I see. (Hey, I’m a terrier.)

At 15, I have a bit of trouble hearing but I just got a full vet report and I’m healthy as can be. I would love to find a family where I can be with adults as great companion. My fur is unusually soft for a terrier.

Aside from my long naps, I like following my people around, hanging out with my humans when they sit on the porch or watch TV in the living room. Tiny tennis balls are fun to chase, but I won’t chew your shoes.

As you might expect, I need a doggie door so I can get outside to do my business.

If you’re concerned about expenses, my current family is happy to cover typical medical costs that will arise. That means I’m not going to be a financial problem for you — just a cute and calm bundle of love.  Contact: or (707) 206-2224.

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