Olivia, Blk Pit lab mix 1yr old

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October 6, 2021
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October 8, 2021

1 year old pitbull labrador mix. Very energetic very playful loving and caring dog. Excellent companion. Knows basic dog training and some tricks. She loves dog toys. Reason for rehoming is that she is a very advanced high maintenance dog that we were simply unable to handle. She does have some negative tendencies that we were especially unable to control such as; getting toy aggressive with other dogs and if another dog tries to get aggressive with her she immediately reacts and wants to fight.
Notes: she is allergic to bees. Some tricks include; giving her paw to your hand, doing loops between your legs. Touching your hand on command and Spinning both ways. She’s a Very big cuddler. She loves sitting on laps. Super athletic. Not very picky about food. Loves going on walks and running. Does ok with cats. She does love playing around with other dogs when toys aren’t involved. She is potty trained. Not a fan of the vacuum. Lots of potential to grow!!! Contact: mromero1390@outlook.com or (707) 919-2432.

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