Pepper Pooch in search of a Pack!

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November 16, 2021
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November 17, 2021

Hello, my name is Pepper (aka “Salt ‘n Pepper”), and I’m a 10 month old Shepsky (shepherd/husky mix) with a big heart and nearly boundless energy. I love my humans and especially love playing with other doggies (so far have not met one I didn’t like). I’ll play several hours a day at doggy day care, and then come home with my mom and want to be walked or run again and play some more with neighborhood dogs. I do eventually crash, and sleep a good long night. Then I’m up and at it again the next morning–wanting to play, play, play!
I would do really well with a couple or family so I can be part of a pack. It’s kinda quiet living with just my mom at home (I love it when her friends or adult kids are visiting and I can be a part of that pack). I also am super happy when there’s another dog around to play with, so I think I’d be super happy being in a family with another dog. I also like to run, and can go for many miles, so having space to romp is important. If my forever family had a runner/jogger or a biker who could bike while I ran, this’d be super!
I love water, so will jump into any puddle, stream, lake, or tub of water I can find. I’m a great hiker, camper, and I travel well in the car to go on adventures in the mountains or at the beach, or just to visit friends and family. I like being on the go with my people!
My mom wants to find a great new family for me because she needs to do more traveling now, and the support she thought she had lined up for travel times has had changes in their own lives, so that although I love spending time with them, they can no longer take me into their homes for extended periods of time (one moved to condo without a yard, and the other out of the area). She also simply thinks I’d be happier in a “pack,” comprised of more humans than she alone, and another doggy, hopefully.
I’m super smart, say both of my personal trainers I’ve had, and I’m really well-liked at doggy day care and in the neighborhood. I am mostly obedient, though a bit willful at 10 months, and don’t always come readily when I am off-leash at the park (we’re working on this!) I am healthy and strong, and will make some family really happy.  Contact: (707) 363-6552 or

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