Prince Needs A New Home!

Gizmo Needs A New Home!
November 21, 2021
Cat buddies need new home
November 22, 2021

Princeton (aka PRINCE or BOOGER) is a gorgeous Tabby that is 15 years old. We adopted Prince and his brother Gizmo at the same time, when they were just a few weeks old. Prince is a calm, lap cat that loves to lounge wherever he pleases. He is quite talkative like his brother but will be there to listen when you need him too! Prince has been through 4 moves with us and has been a great support system as well as a snuggly friend. He is a very playful kitty compared to his brothers— but with calm nature.
I will be relocating this next month and would love to find my booger a loving home before I do. We are just not able to take him with us unfortunately. Contact: or (707) 921-9170.

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