Re-Home two bunnies

Buff Tabby Cat
September 20, 2021
High Energy Husky looking for forever home
September 21, 2021

Looking to Re-Home two bunnies that are the best of friends. Both reside in separate cages that are right next to one another. Would like to keep them together. Bunnies come with two cages, supplies, food, and toys.
Cookie’s personality is shy and deep… soulful and unique. He’s breathtakingly handsome, but completely unaware of it. Some might mistake this for him being humble. But really he’s just has no clue what a looker he is!
Cookie is a small/medium boy bunny with cream and light tan markings. He is a smart, chill bunny. A beautiful wallflower who will blossom with the company and stability of a forever family. With an introverted homebody, he could just chill and be himself. With the attention of someone who is social and extroverted, he may gain the confidence to really zoom around the house!
Abundant natural beauty “Milano” seeks paradise, a place to call home. You supply the loving home and he will delightfully show you little hop-spins and kicks they do when he’s happy all the way straight into your heart! Milano is a small/medium and lovely black and white boy bunny. He is uniquely a talented comedian, He is as sweet as he is beautiful… and very ready to find his forever home!  Contact: or (707) 293-7618.

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