Rehoming Young & Adventurous Lynx Point Siamese

September 10, 2021
Best Dog I’ve Ever Had but can’t keep bc I’m moving to Houston. 2 year old Lab/Pit mix. Lab looks, pit mellow and cuddly energy
September 10, 2021

Adopted at 10 weeks and now approximately 1.5 years old. Sierra began traveling with us from day one. We’d owned an RV and did many camping and road trips with her, just about every weekend. Towards the beginning of summer, we sold our RV in preparation for a new lifestyle (expecting a baby). Sierra went from thriving to being a house cat in our small 400 sq ft apartment. She also stays home alone on weekends now, often. Something she’s not fond of. Her transition has made her become very anxious and upset. My heart knows even though she could adapt, that she is deserving of so much more. She also has tendencies to bite and I feel for that reason she’d have to be locked away from the baby, another situation she doesn’t deserve to be in. We do not have a yard to take her out to and no ability to adopt another friend for her in our current rental. Her ideal home is with someone in a larger house with a yard to take her into a few times a week (on leash only), someone with another cat friend (Sierra loves friends, small energetic dogs too), and someone who works from home or isn’t gone a lot. She also loves car rides and would love someone that would take her to sit at a park every once in a while, or to just hang out in car on cold winter days while you run errands. Contact: or (209) 373-5189.

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