It pulls on my heart strings to rehome my two beloved feline companions. My living situation is changing and I can no longer care for them.

Snickers is an 8 y.o. spayed female. She is a people-oriented. May be a bit shy at first but it doesn’t take long to gain her trust although she does not like the vacuum cleaner. She was acquired at 8 weeks old from a local feed store in Santa Rosa and has lived her entire life indoors in a quiet, adult household. Her favorite activity is the laser light. She is litter-trained and being an indoor cat with no contact (other than Tux) with other cats I did not find it necessary to have her vaccinated. I am including the cat trees ( 1 5-6ft, and 2 smaller ones) 2 sifting litter trays and 2 14 lb containers of clumping cat litter and the first 25lbs of dry cat food.  Contact: or (707) 236-7614.

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