Louisiana grown, Fred is as sweet and gentle as a Southern breeze. Our family adopted him from a rescue in New Orleans just about 4 years ago. He had spent most of his life in shelters and foster homes, and we immediately fell in love with his loving disposition. My family and I have had to make the extremely hard decision to rehome him, but we feel it is best for our Fred. We’ve been hit pretty hard since moving back to California. We no longer have the financial resources to care for him, nor can we give him the time and attention he needs to thrive in life trying to make ends meet.
He is a 6 year old (7/7/18) Plott Hound/Boxer Mix, and weighs a little over 60 lbs.
He is neutered and up-to-date on vaccines, heartworm & flea medication.
He is potty trained, crate trained (prefers to be in his crate as a safe space), knows the commands “sit” & “down”, walks pretty well on a leash and is very food motivated with training (very smart, responsive and picks things up easily).
He has been amazing with our daughter (we have a 10 year old), though he prefers a more relaxed environment as he gets nervous with crazy kid antics and loudness.
We have a cat as well that he gets along fine with, but our cat has been getting progressively more aggressive towards him, which is another factor in rehoming.
He does get nervous, excited and can be a little vocal when meeting another dog but tends to mellow after proper introductions have been made, and falls inline with the pack pretty readily. He has lived with other dogs for most of his life so we feel adding him to a dog family would be good for him (currently the only dog in house).
His general temperament is very sweet and easy going, preferring to laze in the sun on the deck, though he does enjoy the occasional crazy run around the yard when he’s happy, and of course loves walkies in the forest.
He does get nervous easily and can be reserved when meeting new people or animals and in new places; we believe this is from possible previous abuse/neglect, living most of his life in foster/shelter care, and maybe not getting important life experiences/socialization when he was younger.
He doesn’t react all that much to loud environmental noises such as fireworks, thunder, etc. and even slept through a very large hurricane that passed directly over our house.
We feel he would do well in a more relaxed and calming home environment, maybe older kids, with lots of gentle love, car rides, a big yard to run and explore in, and walkies out in nature.
Please contact me at rotorwifee5@gmail.com for more information or for questions. We would like to physically see where he will be, and meet any other pets that are in the household. We will also supply all his things (bowls, food, crate, etc.) and are not looking for any sort of monetary compensation for rehoming. Thank you!

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