Sweet, friendly baby bunnies

Two beautiful AKC registered Siberian Huskies
August 24, 2021
Two older cats need a new home to live out their days
August 24, 2021

These babies were born July 12 and are ready to find new homes. Their mom is a Havana and dad is a Dutch. They’re very curious, snuggly, and friendly and will make great family pets or would be good for kids in involved in 4-H. We have 5 altogether: two that are white with brownish gray spots, two with beautiful brown coats, and one black with white markings. These rabbits actually belong to my daughter – a recent high school grad. She was in her 4-H rabbit project for many years and has shown rabbits – including the mom and dad of these babies – at the Sonoma County and Sonoma Marin fairs many times. We’ve had a few rabbits over the years but have found that the father bunny to these babies has the sweetest personality of all of them. He absolutely loves to be snuggled! The mom also has a very sweet, gentle nature, and the babies also seem to love human attention. As far as care & feeding goes, you can get a rabbit habitat at pretty much any pet store. They eat rabbit pellets and timothy, but also enjoy parsley and other greens. Bunnies do need some exercise so it’s good to let them out in a safe place in your home to run around from time to time. Contact: bridget@foodcrushtours.com or (707) 291-9004.

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