Sweet Giant Anatolian Shepherd Puppy Looking for Her Flock

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September 29, 2021
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September 30, 2021

Izzy was rescued from an overcrowded shelter in Azerbaijan (near Turkey) this summer and flown to the U.S. in the hopes of finding her a forever family. Her foster mom (me) was surprised to find from her Embark DNA test that she is 100% Anatolian Shepherd. As a puppy, Izzy was deprived of sunshine and good nutrition which caused some deformities. Thank goodness, her legs have mostly straightened out since her rescue, and she is now able to run and keep up with her foster siblings. The vet says she might just need some joint supplements when she gets older.
Izzy has a very sweet temperament, and is wonderful with all dogs. (She was living in a kennel-less shelter with 500 other dogs.). She does exhibit many traits of a typical Anatolian Shepherd and other flock guardian dog breeds. She frequently checks the perimeter of my yard, and will bark loud warning barks if she hears unfamiliar sounds. Because of this, a family with a farm, a ranch, or property with some acreage would be best for her. She is very smart, and learns quickly. But as is typical with this breed, she is an independent thinker and will “consider” what you are asking her to do. She does well with positive reinforcement training–no harsh training please as this breed is very sensitive.
Izzy has been spayed, fully vaccinated, and fully vetted.
I am hoping to find a family who is familiar with LGDs (livestock guardian dogs), or is willing to learn about the special characteristics of this breed. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. To ensure she does not fall into the wrong hands, I am asking for $125 donation to the rescue she came from, Good World Animal Rescue and Protection. You can view their rescue efforts on Facebook :
In the attached photo, Izzy is the dog with the cropped ears. (This is a common practice for Anatolian Shepherds in Turkey). Contact: swangrn920@gmail.com or (408) 691-6654.

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