Sweet Orange Tabby Maple

Re-homing our 5 1/2 month kitten
January 4, 2021
Two beautiful cats need a forever home
January 6, 2021

This is 2 1/2 year old sweet Maple. I adopted him and his sister in September 2018. Maples is sweet, loving, a great mouser and an all round easy going cat. I have loved him dearly. The problem is that he doesn’t get along with my two older cats very well. They bully him and he lets them.  I feel like Maple would flourish in a one cat only household. His sister does fine and gives the older cats a run for his money. Poor Maple is very scared of them and does a lot of hiding. I also  have a Huskey who is really great with cats and she and Maple get along perfectly. I think he would be find with a sweet dog, I just don’t think he does well with Bully cats, so him being the only cat might be best. We have tried everything to socialize the cats all together to avoid having to do this, but ultimately I have to make the sacrifice and do what I think is best for Maple.

He is a neutered, chipped, short hair orange tabby that is currently up to date on all his shots. He is indoor/outdoor (can actually let himself in by opeing the garage door, lol!) He has one birth defect on his front, right paw. The paw didn’t form correctly. He walks on it just fine and my vet says there is nothing to be done about it. Sometimes when he runs really fast he will pick the foot up and run on three feet. It has never seemed to impede on his catness! In the 2 1/2 years he has been ours, we have had no medical issues regarding the paw.  I have all of his adoption paperwork that shows all if his medical work.

I know that he can bring a lot of joy and love to a family if he is the only cat. His sweet demeanor will quickly win your heart, just like it did mine. If interested, please email me at christispina@yahoo.com