Sweet snuggly 3-year-old kitty seeking loving home

Need to find a new home for our lovable 2-year-old female cat
October 26, 2020
Meet Rosco!!!!!
October 26, 2020

Meet Ginger. She is 3 years old. I was fostering her from a friend who could no longer keep her, and just recently discovered that I have to suddenly leave my home due to toxic mold. Though I adore her, it feels like too much to have to take care of her while staying somewhere else and also trying to find a new place to live.

She was spayed and got all over her shots at the humane society when she was a kitten. Recently she got bloodwork and an updated rabies vaccine. She is litterbox trained, and she eats dry food 3 times a day with an automatic food dispenser. She loves to nap, and cuddle at night and in the morning. She likes to go outside, though she never goes far. She talks and likes to tell you all about what’s going on in her world. She loves laying by me while I am working from home, and she loves to play (I could only post one photo, but have a funny one of her waiting by her string toy for me to play!) I would love to see her go to a loving home where she will get loving attention and playtime.

Please contact me:

Genevieve Abedon, (802) 598-1669 – Note that I may be away from my phone with no cell service from November 10-20, but leave a text (preferred) or voicemail if you are interested and I will get back to you as soon as I emerge.