Sweetest Bull Terrier Mix Puppy

LOU-SEAL (aka Lou) Mr Personality
July 13, 2021
Blue eyed, freckled, big-hearted boy needs a home
July 13, 2021

We are broken hearted at the thought of having to rehome our puppy because we all love him greatly. Hardest decision for us, but best for him.
Trout is just under 10 months (bday 8/24/2020). He is extremely well-behaved for a puppy and knows all his basic commands and also eager to learn more. He is crate trained, loves his doggie siblings and just wants to play and run all day. He requires at minimum 40mins of exercise a day. He is neutered and current.
He LOVES children. He goes ga-ga for our’s and our friend’s kids, of various ages (fyi have never had around babies).
His downside – NO CATS and unfortunately we have 4. He grew up with our’s and has always gotten along with them, but recently he’s been a little too interested in them and has scuffled with one of them. It could be his age and stage, but it’s something we won’t be able to do anything about if it becomes a permanent issue.  Contact:  rgrandaw@rocketmail.com or (707) 853-4954.

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