Two Bonded for Life

Beautiful Border Collie puppy
November 19, 2021
Tigger Needs A New Home!
November 21, 2021

Hello all! 

Our names are Molly (grey) and Astro (brown), right off the bat, we’d like to say that we are bonded from a very young age and we need a new home that will take us both.  We’re both about 5 years old and we’re rescued when we were puppies. Spayed and neutered. Our owner moved out of the home we had for the past 5 years and with his work schedule we’re home 10-12 hours a day alone. Fortunately, we have each other, but we want a home where we have more human attention. We LOOOOVE attention. We love cuddles, sunshine and playtime. Molly is highly skilled at fetch! Astro mean mugging squirrels (it must be the parson russell terrier in him). We’re both housetrained. We get along with other dogs and children.  We’re timid around new people, but that quickly goes away once we warm up to you. It’s not an easy choice for our owner, but he strongly feels we deserve a better home. We would love the opportunity to brighten up your life!  Contact:  209-275-4098.

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