Two older cats need a new home to live out their days

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August 24, 2021
Sativa- Loving husky
August 25, 2021

These two older cats are now 15 years old and they really need to find a nice new home to live out their days. They are brothers that I rescued when they were just a few weeks old. They were indoor cats for 10 years and then became outdoor/indoor cats but they prefer to be inside and still primarily use their litter box. A couple years ago we started to have kids and there have been some major allergy issues now and I am afraid we have no choice to try and find them a new home. They have received good care over the years, consistent vets visits and flee medicine. All the standard shots have been given and they are micro-chipped already. They are both neutered males and weigh between 10-13 lbs which is a healthy weight. Not sure what type they are. They come with a couple of towers, litter box, two carriers, food and water dishes etc. Pretty much all someone should need at no cost to get started. I can even arrange to drop them off with all the stuff. Please contact me for more info if interested! Contact: or (707) 694-3120.

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