Wanted: Sophie’s Forever Home

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July 16, 2021
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July 24, 2021

Do you have experience raising big dogs? Young, attractive, energetic, female lab/greyhound mix seeks forever home with loving, compassionate owners who have experience with big dogs. Ideal owner has enthusiasm, time and patience for daily exercise, sniffing, ball-throwing—swimming is a plus! Ideal forever home, with fenced yard, would have plenty of room to stretch out—inside and out. Gets along well with people, and dogs of similar energy/size. Senior/teacher dog friend a possibility. She becomes very wiggly and excited around kids. Not compatible with small dogs or cats. Attractants include squirrels, lizards, animal scent. Training in these areas may help. Looking for more practice with keeping her focus when things around her get too exciting or too loud. Responds well to training by positive reinforcement rewarded with treats and/or praise.

At 1½ years and 73# she’s learning and improving daily after a puppyhood of treatment by owners who did not understand her. Now, as her trust grows, her curiosity, soft warm heart and playful side shine through. She’s eager to please and would thrive in a supportive, loving, structured environment with ample opportunity for exercise. But now, my own limited space and health lead me to the conclusion that my home and care will not suit her long-term. Sophie can’t wait to make friends. Fully vaccinated, spayed, clean bill of health and some good doggie gear available. Questions answered and addl. pics available. Contact: cmb128@sonic.net or (707) 540-5798.

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