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Pets available for adoption


Thank you so much for showing interest in our adoptable animals! Following CDC safety guidelines, we are currently coordinating adoptions by appointment only. Please call us if you are interested in learning more about the adoption process or about one of our available animals. All adoption appointments are conducted through phone consultations and safely distanced outdoor meetings while our indoor shelter facilities are closed to the public.

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Welcome to our comprehensive listing of animals available for adoption at our Santa Rosa and Healdsburg shelters.
Please check back regularly as new animals become available and are added to our website throughout the day!
  • Seashell the Cat

    Seashell the Cat

    Remember hunting for seashells on the beach, and finding the perfect one? Well, we have a Seashell that is a unique little treasure! This sweet but shy girl has a gorgeous coat that’s a bit of a mix of grey

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  • Twist the Cat

    Twist the Cat

    Tango and Twist are two sweet cats looking for a home to share together. Although they’ll seem a little shy at first, both kitties are just so loving and affectionate with people. They both have absolutely adorable meows, too. Twist

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  • Tango the Cat

    Tango the Cat

    Tango and Twist are two sweet cats looking for a home to share together. Although they’ll seem a little shy at first, both kitties are just so loving and affectionate with people. They both have absolutely adorable meows, too. Twist

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  • Waltz the Cat

    Waltz the Cat

    Waltz’s soft, fluffy fur just looks so PETTABLE, and don’t worry- Waltz very much enjoys being pet! Though he can be a bit shy at first, Waltz likes attention too much to stay timid for long. He also likes food

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  • Mambo the Cat

    Mambo the Cat

    Mambo is an active kitty, ready for either lots of really fun playtime, or some really nice scritches. He’s a tad shy around new people, but warms up quickly once he realizes your hand can pet him and swing around

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  • Bellatrix the Cat

    Bellatrix the Cat

    Bellatrix wants nothing more than to be a lap cat and then more of a lap cat. She is a bit on the shy side at first and will need a quiet home to call her own due to her

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  • Looker the Cat

    Looker the Cat

    Looker is a good name for this handsome guy because you won’t be able to take your eyes off him- he’s just too purr-fect! He’s playful, often enjoying batting at a wand toy from the comfort of your lap, but

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  • Luna the Cat

    Luna the Cat

    Luna is a sweet young girl who loves people and their laps. Sometime she likes to meow, and she has a very sweet one- it matches her adorable purr. Luna loves treats and napping in cardboard boxes, but most of

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  • Felix the Cat

    Felix the Cat

    Felix is a handsome, energetic boy looking for someone who’s able to swing around a wand toy for him to chase! As much as Felix loves to play, that’s not what he pours ALL his energy into- he can also

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  • Squeakers the Cat

    Squeakers the Cat

    Squeakers is a sweet and soft kitty who can be a little shy at first, but then enjoys petting, and will tell you so with a quiet purr of appreciation. He is also a blue ribbon biscuit maker, even making

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  • Elynn the Cat

    Elynn the Cat

    Can someone say lap cat? Wanna be loved unconditionally? Elynn is your gal. This little girl LOVES LOVE! She will follow you from room to room and will just want to snuggle you all day long. She is affectionate, outgoing

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  • Benjamin the Cat

    Benjamin the Cat

    Benjamin is a sweet young guy who’s excited about everything the world has to offer. He seems to be fascinated by each new kind of toy, scratcher, or bed that we give to him to check out! He’s skittish when

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  • Tacha the Cat

    Tacha the Cat

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  • Maisy the Cat

    Maisy the Cat

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  • Rusty the Cat

    Rusty the Cat

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  • Kedi the Cat

    Kedi the Cat

    Kedi is a sweet girl with a spicy side. Kedi is outgoing, friendly, playful and a big talker. She enjoys playing with toys, and climbing on people and things. Kedi is looking to be the only cat in a home

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  • Mittens the Cat

    Mittens the Cat

    Mittens is a darling boy who knows how to catch someone’s attention- he lets loose an adorable meow, and then flops on his side and stretches out in one of the cutest poses you’ll ever see. If you want to

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  • Cece the Cat

    Cece the Cat

    Cece is a sweet young gal looking for someone who will love the oodles of affectionate nuzzles she has to dole out! She can be timid at first but warms up quickly to a nice person. She’s unique in her

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  • Bala the Cat

    Bala the Cat

    The once-shy Bala has COMPLETELY come out of his shell at our shelter, and is now a snuggly lap cat! He loves to have a bunch of toys around, as he can definitely get the ‘zoomies’ when he’s feeling energetic!

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  • Benita the Cat

    Benita the Cat

    It takes a little bit of finesse to win this shy girl over, but after a few days of playing and sniffing your hand, Benita is ready for more and will treat you to her super loud purr as she

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  • Tigger the Cat

    Tigger the Cat

    Tigger is a little love bug looking for a nice home to sit back, relax, and get some TLC. She is looking for an indoor only home that can help her live life to the fullest. She would likely do

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  • Victoria the Cat

    Victoria the Cat

    The one and only queen Victoria! Victoria is a slow burn and will need some time adjusting in her new home but don’t let that fool you! Once this one is settled in, she will strut around and claim the

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  • Aristocat the Cat

    Aristocat the Cat

    “Everybody wants to be a cat, because a cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at!” This Aristocat loves her feline life and wants to spend the rest of it with you! Her throne of choice is a nice

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  • Sterling the Cat

    Sterling the Cat

    Sterling is an excellent kitty cat! He’s very loving and wants to hang out with people a lot, and has a big personality that draws you in. One of his favorite places to be is in your lap. Sterling is

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  • Slinky the Cat

    Slinky the Cat

    A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing! Everyone knows it’s Slinky. This sweet guy is looking for a cat savvy home with patient adopters who will let him explore his surroundings at his own pace. Slinky would do well as

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  • Hammand the Cat

    Hammand the Cat

    Hammand is a super cool and mellow guy looking for an indoor only home where he can relax in every lap and maybe play a little bit here and there. Hammand has lived with other cats before and seems to

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  • Tiger the Cat

    Tiger the Cat

    Mix up some sugar and spice, and you’ll get Tiger! This kitty can be fierce just like her namesake, but her softer side involves affectionate nuzzles and lap time. She likes to make her own decisions and is looking for

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  • Hobie the Cat

    Hobie the Cat

    Hobie is a chill dude looking for a quiet home where he can feel safe and loved. This handsome hunk takes time to get to know new people, but with time and patience (and some yummy treats) he becomes an

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  • Nimbus the Cat

    Nimbus the Cat

    Nimbus is our adorable little cloud kitty. Just like a cloud, she can be a little elusive with her initial shyness, but the fact is this lady is quite sweet! A calm person will quickly have her leaning into scritches

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