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Thank you so much for showing interest in our adoptable animals! Following CDC safety guidelines, we are currently coordinating adoptions by appointment only. Please call us if you are interested in learning more about the adoption process or about one of our available animals. All adoption appointments are conducted through phone consultations and safely distanced outdoor meetings while our indoor shelter facilities are closed to the public.

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Welcome to our comprehensive listing of animals available for adoption at our Santa Rosa and Healdsburg shelters.
Please check back regularly as new animals become available and are added to our website throughout the day!
  • Darby the Cat

    Darby the Cat

    Darby is one cool cat! She’s a little bit of everything: a little cuddly, a little playful, a little curious. She likes to find fun ways to show you that she likes you, whether its by gently licking your arm,

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  • Princess Bubblegum the Cat

    Princess Bubblegum the Cat

    Princess Bubblegum is positively a puff of perfection. She has lovely soft fur, in a Burmese-like coloring and sparkling sea blue eyes. She is a gentle girl and has reached the age where she would simply like to enjoy your

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  • Adam the Cat

    Adam the Cat

    Like a fine wine, or a Hollywood leading man, Adam has just gotten better with age. He has the blue eyes of Paul Newman, the shiny dark hair of Tom Selleck (no mustache though), and the heart-thumping charm of George

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  • Miss Piggy the Cat

    Miss Piggy the Cat

    Miss Piggy is a Sweet “P”. While just slightly shy, she loves being petted and starts up her purr motor as soon as she sees you. She is delicate and petite, and would love a quiet home where her people

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  • Kabuki the Cat

    Kabuki the Cat

    Song, Dance, Skill, that is what the word “Kabuki” literally means, and our Kabuki takes that to heart. She is one of the most skillful singers that we have met (move over, Adelle, Arianna, and Gaga), and she does it

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  • Mindy the Cat

    Mindy the Cat

    Oh Mindy, you sweet soft Kitty, we love you!! Mindy is a beautiful girl with a sleek, soft coat and a wonderful purr. She enjoys being petted and just spending quiet time with you. She is looking forward to finding

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  • Bippity the Cat

    Bippity the Cat

    Bippity is slowly learning that the world, just might, be a magical place after all. He is a shy guy, who requires an adopter who can weave a spell of calm and kindness to bring out his sparkle. When he

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  • Boppity the Cat

    Boppity the Cat

    Boppity is a debonair tuxedoed gentleman, with a black chin that looks like a grin!! While he looks ready to party, he is actually a shy guy who would rather spend the evening in quiet conversation, and elegant waves of

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  • Panda the Cat

    Panda the Cat

    Panda’s picture clearly shows how meow-gnificant he is, but it doesn’t speak to his frisky and loving personality. At 10 years old, Panda is mature enough to realize one of the finest things in life is a nice lap to

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  • Benjamin the Cat

    Benjamin the Cat

    Benjamin is a sweet young guy who’s excited about everything the world has to offer. He seems to be fascinated by each new kind of toy, scratcher, or bed that we give to him to check out! He’s skittish when

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  • Kedi the Cat

    Kedi the Cat

    Kedi is a sweet outgoing girl. Kedi is friendly, playful and a big talker. She enjoys playing with toys, and climbing on people and things. Kedi is looking to be the only cat in a home where she can be

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  • Cece the Cat

    Cece the Cat

    Cece is a sweet young gal looking for someone who will love the oodles of affectionate nuzzles she has to dole out! She can be timid at first but warms up quickly to a nice person and soon starts to

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  • Ping Ping the Cat

    Ping Ping the Cat

    There’s no denying that Ping Ping is an absolutely gorgeous little lady. She’s skittish and needs a person who can be patient as she takes her time to warm up to them. Once she’s become your friend, she adores being

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  • Edward Cullen the Cat

    Edward Cullen the Cat

    Nicknamed Eddie by his foster parent, she says that he is ‘one of the most perfect cats’ she’s ever met. Once you get to know Edward you will want to stop the world and melt with him. He is a

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  • Violet the Cat

    Violet the Cat

    Violet is an adorable kitty who, although she starts off shy, is a very affectionate girl! She likes to talk to you with her cute squeaky meow, and once she’s settled in with you she’ll follow you from room to

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  • Rizzo the Cat

    Rizzo the Cat

    Rizzo is an explorer and will traverse all terrain, high and low. Quite the curious kitty, she likes to watch everything, and would probably be a huge fan of windows. Rizzo is a sweet and affectionate girl who would love

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  • Tigger the Cat

    Tigger the Cat

    Tigger is a little love bug looking for a nice home to sit back, relax, and get some TLC. She is looking for an indoor only home that can help her live life to the fullest. She would likely do

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  • Aristocat the Cat

    Aristocat the Cat

    Dr. Kat, our HSSC Shelter Medicine DVM loves Aristocat! She says: “Aristocat is a distinguished older lady who knows what she wants, which is a warm lap and some good cheek scritches. She may not be as spry as she

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  • Sterling the Cat

    Sterling the Cat

    Katie, our HSSC Volunteer Service Coordinator loves Sterling! She says: “I have been visiting Sterling every day to get my daily allotment of kitty cuddles. I adore his loud purr and the way he just wants to settle down in

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  • Miles the Cat

    Miles the Cat

    Miles is such a love! He’s sweet and likes to hang out right next to you getting scritches, sometimes climbing in your lap for snuggles. He has a lot of playful energy and loves to bat at a swinging wand

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