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Welcome to our comprehensive listing of animals available for adoption at our Santa Rosa and Healdsburg shelters.
Please check back regularly as new animals become available and are added to our website throughout the day!
  • George the Dog

    George the Dog

    Say hello to George, our handsome, scruffy, goofy guy! George has quickly become a staff favorite with his soulful eyes, sweet demeanor, and happy-go-lucky attitude. He enjoys long walks, squeaky toys, and most of all, the company of his people.

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  • Peach the Dog

    Peach the Dog

    Who’s that lovely lady? It’s a Peach on a leash! This 46lb gorgeous gal truly lives up to her name. She will happily lean against you for pets, walks beautifully on leash, and loves training, especially when yummy treats are

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  • Cricket the Dog

    Cricket the Dog

    Jiminy Cricket! Have you ever seen a more handsome pup? Meet Cricket. He’s 40lb of fun! This young guy is looking for an active home that will help him grow into an amazing dog. Cricket lives up to his namesake,

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  • Howie Dewitt the Dog

    Howie Dewitt the Dog

    This is Howie Dewitt! Howie is looking for an active home to help him grow into the most amazing dog he can be. At 30lbs, Howie is still a growing guy and full of puppy energy. He loves treats, positive

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  • Ludo the Dog

    Ludo the Dog

    Ludo is a charmer. He has quickly wooed all the staff and volunteers with his beautiful eyes, goofy smile, and wonky back leg. Ludo was born with a misshapen leg, but it’s just one of his many unique and lovable

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  • Jett the Dog

    Jett the Dog

    Jett is a gorgeous, loyal guy who has no idea he’s not a lap dog. Although he may start off a bit reserved, he quickly warms up with yummy snacks and gentle reassurance. Once he gets to know you, he’ll

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  • Harry the Dog

    Harry the Dog

    Looking for a leading man in your life? Harry may just fit the bill. Tall, handsome, refined…what a heartthrob! At 95lbs, Harry is a gentle giant who starts off a little reserved but quickly warms up with meaty treats and

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  • Dag the Dog

    Dag the Dog

    Dag is the cutest, little nugget! He is just 14lbs of potential. This shy guy was found abandoned in a field with his little son. He was the best dad! His son was quickly adopted, but Dag needed to stay

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  • Butterbean the Dog

    Butterbean the Dog

    Butterbean is a gentle, tentative lady who is looking for a loving, patient home where she can blossom. The world is a big place for 12lb Miss Butterbean, and she’d love adopters who can make her feel safe. Once she

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  • McGruff the Dog

    McGruff the Dog

    Looking for an action-packed boy to join you on all your adventures? McGruff would make an excellent side-kick! This goofy 50lb guy loves to check out all the world has to offer. Want to romp at the beach or go

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  • Popeye the Dog

    Popeye the Dog

    Popeye is an eager, outgoing lad who’s ready to get the heck out of the shelter! This energetic young pup loves to run around and play, so he’s hoping to meet a human companion with an active lifestyle who can

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  • Olive the Dog

    Olive the Dog

    Olive is a friendly, energetic young pup who specializes in catching eyes and melting hearts! This strikingly gorgeous lady aspires to be the next Hollywood superstar. Or maybe a world-class athlete. Or maybe both? Actually, she’d be more than happy

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  • Roxanne the Dog

    Roxanne the Dog

    Roxanne is a beautiful 30 lb. Aussie mix. She is looking for a very special family that will be able to help her feel safe and loved. She thrives with other dogs and will need to live with another mature

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  • Martha Reeves the Dog

    Martha Reeves the Dog

    Martha Reeves is a rare brown scruffy dog. She is low to the ground and weights in at a solid 42 lbs. She has the most expressive eyes and face and ears. When she hears a noise she will use

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  • Beebs the Dog

    Beebs the Dog

    Beebs is perfect. He is 63 lbs of pure friendship and beauty. He gets along with people. Check. He gets along with other dogs. Check. He is young but not too young. Check. He is a stunner. Check. He is

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  • Minnie the Dog

    Minnie the Dog

    Minnie and Mouse are inseparable friends who are hoping to be adopted together! They make the cutest pair and it’s a hoot to watch them romp and scamper around the yard together. They’re both looking for a quiet, comfy, easygoing

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  • Mouse the Dog

    Mouse the Dog

    Minnie and Mouse are inseparable friends who are hoping to be adopted together! They make the cutest pair and it’s a hoot to watch them romp and scamper around the yard together. They’re both looking for a quiet, comfy, easygoing

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  • Smushie the Dog

    Smushie the Dog

    Smushie may look like your typical Greek God but he’s more than just a handsome blonde! This 65lb Deity is sensitive, affectionate and a bit of a goofball. He’s been living a very different lifestyle for many years but is

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  • Clover the Dog

    Clover the Dog

    Clover is a beautiful, gentle soul looking for experienced adopters who just want to live the quiet life. Potential adopters should be well versed in Positive Reinforcement training and working with shy dogs. Clover may take a little bit of

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  • Ryker the Dog

    Ryker the Dog

    Ryker is a silly, clever, and fun dude who’s new in town and looking for other cool people to hang with! This charming husky likes to stay active and is as comfortable on a leisurely late-afternoon hike as he is

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  • Shiloh the Dog

    Shiloh the Dog

    Shiloh is a dapper dog guaranteed to win you over with his breezy goofball charm! He’s a down-to-Earth lad who’s a good judge of character – a real “dog’s dog”, if you will. He wouldn’t mind lazing around on the

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  • Herman the Dog

    Herman the Dog

    Herman is a lovable, effervescent jack of all trades. This kid LOVES to play, and it’s almost impossible to stop smiling when he’s chasing after Frisbees or tossing Jolly Balls bigger than his own head up into the air. On

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  • Summit the Dog

    Summit the Dog

    Are you the adventurous, outdoorsy, REI-loving type of human? Summit is the canine equivalent! He loves to run and fetch and is quite the athlete. He is an Aussie/herding mix and is all about getting the job done with precision.

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  • Selene the Dog

    Selene the Dog

    This beautiful tripod wins over everyone she meets! She’s 46lbs of sweet joy. Her pink nose and winning smile is sure to make you melt when you meet her. She’s looking to live the good life and be spoiled the

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  • Thor the Dog

    Thor the Dog

    Thor is aptly named even though this 43 lb. playful Malamute has recently been down on his luck. He thinks extra treats are a fabulous idea, but would really like to talk humans out of grooming him. He likes the

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  • Prince the Dog

    Prince the Dog

    If you’re a fan of Shepherds, Prince is your guy! He loves to spend time outdoors where he can get in a nice walk and explore the world with his nose. Prince would love a home where he can continue

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