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Pets available for adoption


Thank you so much for showing interest in our adoptable animals! Following CDC safety guidelines, we are currently coordinating adoptions by appointment only. Please call us if you are interested in learning more about the adoption process or about one of our available animals. All adoption appointments are conducted through phone consultations and safely distanced outdoor meetings while our indoor shelter facilities are closed to the public.

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Welcome to our comprehensive listing of animals available for adoption at our Santa Rosa and Healdsburg shelters.
Please check back regularly as new animals become available and are added to our website throughout the day!
  • Chubbs the Dog

    Chubbs the Dog

    Meet Chubbs! Chubby Dubby. Chubba Wubba. Chubba Buhbuh. So many wonderful nickname opporunites! Chubbs is about 80 pounds and is looking for a home with adopters that have a lot of dog experience. He doesn’t want to go to a

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  • Fudge the Dog

    Fudge the Dog

    Fudgesicle (or Fudge to her close friends) is a sweet and loving 52 lb pittie mix. She is dark chocolate and white with light brown eyes. Fudge loves getting pets and is fine if you can pet her while typing

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  • Nikko the Dog

    Nikko the Dog

    Meet our cute little man, Nikko! Nikko is 9 pounds and is looking for his forever home. His dream family would include people that have little dog experience and have kids that are no younger than 14. He loves his

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  • Magnus the Dog

    Magnus the Dog

    Magnus is 88 pounds of pure shepherd. We mean that personality wise and not breed wise! He is a wonderful boy that is super aware of his surroundings and is very interested in everything that is going on. He would

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  • Gogo the Dog

    Gogo the Dog

    Gogo is ready to go, go! But we said slow, slow! So she said oh, oh! At almost 100 pounds Gogo is a cuddly giant. She loves hanging out with her people, both running around the yard and hanging out

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  • Nova the Dog

    Nova the Dog

    Nova is a big softy at heart. She absolutely adores her people, and though she can take a little bit of time to warm up to new people, she’ll be happy to shower them in kisses once she knows them.

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  • Brice the Dog

    Brice the Dog

    Brice is a super adorable and affectionate guy. With his playful and sweet personality, he is sure to work his way into your heart the moment you meet him. He loves to chew on tennis balls and lean in for

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  • Air Bud the Dog

    Air Bud the Dog

    Air Bud is a slam dunk of a dog! This adorable young pup wants to play and run and have fun all day long. He loves fetch with just about any toy – he’ll also play keep away then go

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  • Sabana the Dog

    Sabana the Dog

    Sabana is a gentle giant and tips the scales at a respectable 114 pounds. Despite being so large and strong, she walks quite well on a leash and body harness and is always checking in with us humans. This shepherd

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  • Fabian the Dog

    Fabian the Dog

    Fabian is a gorgeous young shepherd looking to add some zest to your life. Not only is this boy an absolute treat to look at, he’s pretty easy going as far as shepherds go. He’ll happily join you on beach

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  • Lenny the Dog

    Lenny the Dog

    Megan, our HSSC Animal Care Tech and Canine Behaviorist loves Lenny! She says: “Lenny has a very special place in my heart! He has a very goofy personality and is a lot of fun to be around!” Lenny, or

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  • Daisy the Dog

    Daisy the Dog

    Daisy is a super friendly, fun-loving girl! She absolutely adores tossing her toys around and searching for the toy with the perfect squeaker! She’s super smart and loves training exercises, figuring out enrichment toys, and learning new games. She also

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  • Adela the Dog

    Adela the Dog

    Adela is a fun-loving, EXTRA friendly gal looking to make the most of life! This super sweet girl’s favorite activities are going on outings and playing with as many toys as she can get her paws on. After a good

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  • Prince George the Dog

    Prince George the Dog

    We are searching for a very special adopter for our staff and volunteer favorite Prince George. Is that someone you? He is 50 lbs and has a beautiful, long, black coat with white and rust markings. George appears to be

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  • Scooby the Dog

    Scooby the Dog

    Scooby’s a big guy who is friendly, outgoing and playful! He is an active goofball that enjoys romping around a big yard playing with all the toys and eating delicious Scooby Snacks! He really likes to hang out with his

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  • Elijah the Dog

    Elijah the Dog

    Karrie our HSSC Healdsburg Shelter Manager loves Elijah! She says: “My favorite thing about Elijah is that he is always up for whatever I want to do. Take a short walk, snuggle on the sofa, have a snack or take

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  • Peggy the Dog

    Peggy the Dog

    Peggy is one of our little friends that came to us from a Fresno full house. She’s super cute and is safely learning more every day about how big her world can be. She’s pretty shy, but she’s a big

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  • Octavia the Dog

    Octavia the Dog

    Octavia is one of our little friends that came to us from a Fresno full house. She’s super cute and is safely learning more every day about how big her world can be. She’s pretty shy, but she’s a big

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  • Puppuccino the Dog

    Puppuccino the Dog

    Nicole our HSSC Foster Program Manager loves Puppuccino, she says: “Puppuccino is my favorite dog because he is always down to cuddle. This guy is an actual potato. I love hanging out with him at the end of a stressful

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  • Sheena the Dog

    Sheena the Dog

    At just two years old, Sheena already has quite a story to tell. After being brought in as a stray to another shelter, she was was soon transferred to us. She arrived as a trembling, broken girl too scared to

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  • Kiba the Dog

    Kiba the Dog

    Kiba is a big lover boy who has lots of energy in tow. He’d love a lot of space to stretch and fetch balls, and then snuggle time on the couch. Kiba is a super fun, young guy that is

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