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Welcome to our comprehensive listing of animals available for adoption at our Santa Rosa and Healdsburg shelters.
Please check back regularly as new animals become available and are added to our website throughout the day!
  • Winnie the Dog

    Winnie the Dog

    Winnie, the charming 9-pound tricolor terrier mix, is a match made in heaven for those seeking a serene and loyal office companion. With her quiet and calm disposition, she effortlessly enhances any workplace, often found sitting contentedly on the laps

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  • Pyro the Dog

    Pyro the Dog

    Pyro is your classic lap-warmer chihuahua with an adorable underbite. This little dude has never met a lap he didn’t like. In fact, he’s currently overseeing the writing of this profile from my lap. Pyro wants me to tell you

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  • Marisol the Dog

    Marisol the Dog

    Lovely little lady Marisol has had a lot of change in her short life. As a new tripod, Marisol is still figuring out how to navigate the big wide world on three legs. Marisol is looking for a calm and

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  • Nala the Dog

    Nala the Dog

    Nala is the queen of this jungle for sure! She may be petite, but this girl is active and loves to stay busy. From long walks, to playing with two and four legged friends, to training for treats, Nala is

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  • Dante the Dog

    Dante the Dog

    We call Dante a little ballerina. His front legs bow into a plie, which makes him even cuter in our book. While his front leg abnormalities make him look a little different, Dante has no idea he’s anything other than

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  • Buckets the Dog

    Buckets the Dog

    Ready for buckets of fun in your life? Meet Buckets!! With this adolescent short stack, you’ll never have a shortage of laughs or good times. Buckets is a happy-go-lucky dude who enjoys playing with other four-legged pals, romping around with

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  • Ollie the Dog

    Ollie the Dog

    Meet Andy & Ollie! These adorable little grandpas are looking for a quiet and calm home to live out their retirement in style. If you have a plush bed and chicken snacks, then these boys are ready to move in.

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  • Andy the Dog

    Andy the Dog

    Meet Andy & Ollie! These adorable little grandpas are looking for a quiet and calm home to live out their retirement in style. If you have a plush bed and chicken snacks, then these boys are ready to move in.

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  • Dylan the Dog

    Dylan the Dog

    Dylan is amazing. We love this boi! He is a 55lb Bull Terrier mix, and he is chill. Bull Terrier’s are awesome dogs, but their live wire personalities are a lot of dog for most people. We are not sure

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  • Bean the Dog

    Bean the Dog

    Meet Bean! This handsome guy is ready to be beans to your cheese. The peanut butter to your jelly. Whatever floats your boat! This smart, athletic adolescent enjoys playing with toys, going for walks, and training for treats. Bean is

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  • Milli Vanilli the Dog

    Milli Vanilli the Dog

    The band Milli Vanilli has a song about our dear dog friend, “Girl, you know it’s true, we all love you.” Our Milli is the bestest girl and a fan favorite at the shelter. She is a love and an

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  • Reed the Dog

    Reed the Dog

    Reed is a 55 lb boxer mix that is a true shelter gem. He is good with kids and other dogs and is friendly with all people. His foster mom is obsessed with his personality and those adorable little ears.

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  • Miles the Dog

    Miles the Dog

    Looking for a loyal, easy-going companion? Miles is your guy! Miles is a mature dog who is looking for a loving, calm home. He would love to accompany you on neighborhood strolls and maybe bounce around with another dog pal.

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  • Rowdy the Dog

    Rowdy the Dog

    Rowdy is a gentle giant. This 77lb guy is full of love and looking for his perfect home. Rowdy would thrive in a home that spoils him with lots of tasty treats (he loves chicken, cheese, peanut butter…basically all the

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  • Holmes the Dog

    Holmes the Dog

    Holmes is looking for his Watson! Could it be you? This playful, fun dog really lives up to his name. His favorite thing is to sniff out all the clues in any environment. He’s a real pro! After he’s solved

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  • Brewski the Dog

    Brewski the Dog

    Brewski is a whole barrel of laughs and lots of fun. This pint-sized puppy is looking for an active and loving home to help him grow into an amazing dog. Brewski is a typical young pup who enjoys playing, training,

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  • Scarlett the Dog

    Scarlett the Dog

    Love Dobermanns but not their size? Well you’re in luck! Meet Scarlett. This petite dobermann princess only weighs 42lbs and is as sweet as they come. At 8 years old, this lovely lady still has lots of pep in her

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  • Venus the Dog

    Venus the Dog

    Meet Venus! It’s fitting that this girl is named after the goddess of beauty and love. Her gorgeous green eyes look right into your soul and will have falling head over heels in no time. Venus isn’t so sure about

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  • Marley the Dog

    Marley the Dog

    Hi Everyone! I’m Marley! I am a young redhead that is looking for a family to call my own. A little about me: I am a large medium or small large dog. I have been told many times that I

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  • Shiro the Dog

    Shiro the Dog

    Shiro is an affable, easygoing older gentleman who enjoys the simple things in life – good food, good company, and good naps. He’s the sort of guy who likes spending a quiet afternoon reading the newspaper (the kind printed on

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  • Bread the Dog Summer Specials Icon

    Bread the Dog

    Are you one of the many adorable-little-spicy-chihuahua fans? Do you want to help a small doggo out of a difficult situation? If you have answered YES! then we have the perfect little boy for you. Bread is just about 12

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  • Dolly the Dog

    Dolly the Dog

    Dolly is a smart, classy, kindhearted lady looking for someone special. This gentle girl just wants to be near you, whether you’re taking her for a walk around town or spending quality time on the couch. She makes friends quite

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  • Tosh the Dog Summer Specials Icon

    Tosh the Dog

    Tosh is the epitome of a loyal companion. Although Tosh can start off on the nervous side, he warms up quickly with snacks and a gentle approach. Once Tosh feels comfortable, his silly side comes out. He loves to play

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  • Vegas the Dog Summer Specials Icon

    Vegas the Dog

    You should go all-in on Vegas because this boy is a sure thing! Vegas is a goofy, affectionate, and handsome guy who will keep you entertained all day with his silly demeanor. He loves playing with toys, getting in all

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  • Smushie the Dog Summer Specials Icon

    Smushie the Dog

    Smushie is more than just a handsome blonde! This 65lb Deity is sensitive, affectionate and a bit of a goofball. Smushie is up challenge of learning and taking on new things, although we have found his favorite activities include taking

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  • Otis the Dog Summer Specials Icon

    Otis the Dog

    Otis is a smart, introspective, outstandingly loyal young lad who you’ve just got to meet. With his thoughtful demeanor, keen nose, and sharp observational skills, he’d probably make a great detective….if he was a little more adventurous. Alas, this cautious

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