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We Bring The Animals To You!

Sharing information about our work and our programs lets everyone know where we are and what we do.  We enjoy the opportunity to make new friends and meet new supporters, and to spread the word about the services we provide to the community and animals.  We also love to incorporate fun things like our Kissing Booth for customer appreciation days, kitten zoom bombs for your team meetings, or volunteer team days at our shelter.

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To get started, contact Nina Caputo, Community Engagement Manager. Email ncaputo @ or call (707) 577-1914.

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Kissing Booth

It’s hard to resist smooches from our pooches! Our Kissing Booth kissers bring charm, smiles and joy.  Our Kissers are therapy dogs who will brighten up any occasion, while promoting the animal-human bond and the great things rescue dogs can do! Talk to us about your next staff team building day, customer appreciation day, or animal-friendly event where our Kissing Booth could spread some furry cheer!

Kitten Bombs

Whether in person or virtually, we can add a little kitten delight to your staff meetings! Make it a surprise to your team, and you will definitely win “employee of the year”!  If it’s virtual, you give us the time and link, and we drop in virtually with kittens! If in person, we can discuss details to provide a safe, easy kitten infusion to brighten your meeting.

Tour and Mixer with HSSC

Have you ever wanted to see what happens behind the scenes at an animal shelter? Are you curious about the animals’ journeys from arrival to our shelter to their new homes?  Our tours bring you through our shelter medicine department, around to our dog and cat habitats, and show you the steps our staff and volunteers take to ensure the best quality of time while the animal is with us.  We can do small in person tours or virtual tours.  Soon we hope to host in person mixers- stay tuned!

Group Volunteer Days

Check our Volunteer page HERE