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Ron was urgently transferred to our care due to being an immediate risk of euthanasia. He was living in an overcrowded shelter and was very stressed and shut down. HSSC was contacted in hopes that we could provide him with a calmer environment and give him a second chance at life. We were overjoyed to give this adorable red headed pitty a fresh start in Sonoma County! He was a little shy at the beginning, but quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite for his sweet, silly personality!

When Nicholas and his family came to HSSC looking for a new fuzzy family member, they quickly fell in love with our sweet Ron Weasley, and it was a mutually loving connection from the start. We recently heard from Nicholas with an update, he says, “Ever since Ron Weasley entered our home he’s gone from sedated and anxious to excited, content, and cuddly. We all watched Harry Potter the week we got him and realized the name Ron Weasley no longer suited him, he was more like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, so that’s was we named him, Phoenix. He fits right in with us and we all couldn’t be happier.”