Julie Colt, Trainer

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_plb2304Julie loves dogs!! With over twenty years experience studying canine behavior and training dogs, she worked at The Marin Humane Society as a behavior consultant. Training: advanced behavior consultant academies at The Marin Humane Society, workshops & seminars with national experts & private practice.

Julie practices reward-based training & specializes in adolescent issues and aggression.

Julie lives in Petaluma with her partner, three dogs, one cat and horses. Julie enjoys photography, horseback riding, organic gardening, & cooking. GO Red Sox!

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  1. Julie is the best! She is a clear and effective teacher to us humans and a strong, gentle trainer with the dogs. She came to our house to help us with problems with our newly adopted dog and our resident cat. She identified our recycling with a used fish can in it as a trigger for problems. I would never have thought of that. Seems she can read the dog’s mind! I HIGHLY recommend her. Being a trained teacher for people myself, I know a great teacher when I see one. Thanks, Julie!

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