February 19, 2021

Pedro the Rabbit

Spirited, spunky Pedro is a DELIGHTFUL, LITTLE CHAP content to curl up on your chest for quiet conversation or peaceable siesta. When you are well rested, our wee sweetie will happily oblige you with an energetic, endorphin-rousing romp on the
February 13, 2021

Olive the Rabbit

Olive is fluffy Angora rabbit looking for her perfect home. She lives a quiet life of snoozing and snacking on her favorite green veggies. Occasionally Olive has a burst of floofy bunny energy before settling back down for a nap.
January 31, 2021

Lilly the Rabbit

Lucky people have a Lilly in their life. Call me Ms. Cooperative. Not being particularly inclined to mischief, whether you leave for work or stay home for those pesky Zoom meetings I’ll find myself a comfy corner to quietly snooze
January 31, 2021

Jessica the Rabbit

Gather around. I’m a sparkly girl. You won’t find me quietly sitting on laps or patiently waiting for the games to begin. I make my own fun and encourage full participation. Let’s play lots of fun floor games: peek-a-boo with