About Adela

This is Adela


11 years, 8 months (approx.)




Pit Bull / Mixed Breed (Large) mix






Santa Rosa

Are you searching for a forever companion who exudes warmth, wisdom, and an abundance of love? Look no further than Adela, a delightful mid-sized senior shelter dog who is eagerly waiting to find her forever home. Adela is an absolute sweetheart with a heart as big as her gentle, soulful eyes. At her mature age, she has perfected the art of being a loyal and well-mannered companion. Adela also has experience living with other dogs, particularly those who share her chill and relaxed demeanor But that’s not all! Adela has even shown a remarkable fondness for dog-savvy cats. She understands their boundaries and has a gentle approach, making her an excellent potential companion for feline friends. Despite being a senior, Adela still has a zest for life and enjoys leisurely walks, exploring nature, and snuggling up for quality cuddle time. She is the perfect balance between an active and relaxed lifestyle and will happily adapt to your daily routine. Please call 707-542-0882 for more information.


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