Aristocat the Cat

About Aristocat

This is Aristocat


8 years, 11 months (approx.)




Domestic Short Hair






Santa Rosa

“Everybody wants to be a cat, because a cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at!” This Aristocat loves her feline life and wants to spend the rest of it with you! Her throne of choice is a nice warm lap where she can happily curl up for ages, but a variety of nice, soft cat beds are acceptable for when a lap isn’t available. Aristocat will ‘sing’ to you with her unique and charming meow and will be a loving companion ever at your side. She’s an easygoing gal looking for a life where she can be pampered- and she definitely deserves it! To make things even better, Aristocat’s adoption fee has been sponsored!

Dr. Kat, our HSSC Shelter Medicine DVM loves Aristocat! She says: “Aristocat is a distinguished older lady who knows what she wants, which is a warm lap and some good cheek scritches. She may not be as spry as she used to be but that just means that she won’t cause as much mischief as a kitten would. Every time I visit her, she always knows exactly how to talk me into staying a bit longer to give her some extra love. She will be an exceptional companion for someone who is in search of a low-key best friend.”


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