Arlo the Dog

About Arlo

This is Arlo


2 years, 0 months (approx.)




Siberian Husky / Mixed Breed (Large) mix






Santa Rosa

Arlo has been with us here at HSSC for a while. He has an extremely loveable personality that only people who gain his trust get to see, which has made him a staff and volunteer favorite. Easiest way to this boys’ heart is a game of tug and then a romp through the doggy pool. Multiple times a week, a very dedicated volunteer takes Arlo on walks in Sebastopol to give him a break from shelter life and satiate his need for exercise. Often we get notes of Arlo making new dog friends along the trails and being an overall very good boy. Here’s one of those notes from that volunteer about this very special boy.

“We took a long walk through downtown Sebastopol this morning, and I intentionally took Arlo to noisy and crowded places as part of a continuing effort to work on his stranger danger. He was intrigued by the skate park and stood still for a few minutes watching the skaters go up and down the concrete hills. We walked past a group of dancing skaters and their loud music next to the community center – again, Arlo perked up and watched them with interest. We then walked by a large group of people, including many small children running around, watching a baseball game. Arlo walked calmly and showed no reactivity to any of these activities. After we returned to the shelter, I gave Arlo pool time in one of the small yards.
I wish everyone could see how wonderfully Arlo behaves when he is with a handler he knows well as opposed to when he is alone and approached by someone he doesn’t know. He is such a rewarding dog to spend time with because he reciprocates every bit of affection shown to him.”

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