Ashley the Cat

About Ashley

This is Ashley


1 years, 4 months




Domestic Short Hair






Santa Rosa

Ashley is a very special cat looking for a very special human to take her home. She’s a sweet girl who is DYING to get lots of love and pets, but there’s one barrier: she’s skittish, and a little afraid of hands. We’ve been able to fulfil her desire for scritches by using toys to pet her, as an extension of our hands, and she will roll over and show her belly and purr and never want you to stop! She’s made great progress with us and her closest friends here at the shelter are now given the treat of getting to give her scritches with our hands, but she needs a special adopter who will continue to work through this with her as a partner. Ashley is also INCREDIBLY playful and loves wand toys and ping-pong balls and lots of other toys, so providing her with lots of great enrichment is going to help her build her confidence even faster. If you have room in your heart and your home to give TLC to this special kitty, please call us at 707-542-0882 to learn more about her!


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