Biggie the Cat

About Biggie

This is Biggie


0 years, 5 months (approx.)




Domestic Short Hair






Santa Rosa

Branch and Biggie are two sweet, slightly nervous young cats looking for a home together. They will likely always be on the skittish side, but they have made great progress with us with coming out of their shells and accepting and enjoying human attention. Biggie is the big-energy guy of the pair; he is so incredibly playful and thinks EVERYthing is a toy. He will sometimes greet you with a hiss, but will quickly throw himself into playing, and when he’s sleepy he melts into scritches and shows off his loud purr. Branch is more stoic; he will sit in a cozy spot and allow you to give him gentle scritches if you are patient, and it’s very rewarding to see him slowly relax and start to enjoy himself. He’s become nearly as playful as Biggie during their time here, and they can often be seen having adorable, fun wrestling matches together!

These two are looking for a person who understands their skittish nature and has the patience to form a bond with them. They are so cute and so much fun as you get to know them more and more. If you want to hear more about Branch and Biggie, come to our shelter or give us a call at 707-542-0882.


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