Cali the Cat

About Cali

This is Cali


9 years, 8 months (approx.)




Domestic Short Hair






Santa Rosa

Oscar the Grouch; Garfield the Cat; Squidward from Spongebob- what do they all have in common? They’re all quite grumpy, and they ain’t got NOTHING on Cali here! At a little under 10 years old, Cali may not want you to call her a crotchety old lady, but she’s not gonna deny it either. Cali isn’t looking for someone who wants to snuggle her and pet her all the time- constant attention will bring out her not-deeply-concealed curmudgeonly nature. She has her moments where she loves to rub up against your legs, or sit next to you or in your lap, but with Cali, you should embrace the fact that SHE will call all the shots. And don’t think that just because she wants to sit next to you, she wants you to pet her- she will accept some scritches, but mostly wants you to bask in her glorious presence and appreciate the magnificent cat that she is.

Cali’s ideal home is one where she can have sunny places to nap, lots of yummy food, and a quiet atmosphere. One or two people who can be on-call for her occasional desire for attention and company is a must. If you’re a busy person who doesn’t have time for one of those constantly needy cats, or if you just really enjoy grouchy cats, then this literal sourpuss may be your ideal companion. Come to our shelter or call us at 707-542-0882 to find out more about Cali.

Cali may also accept employment as a ‘barn cat’ or ‘working cat’ on a property as rodent control. The idea of ‘work’ might make Cali sneer, but Cali thinks her intimidating presence will be enough to send any rats or mice scurrying for different territory!


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