Juice Box Hero the Cat

About Juice Box Hero

This is Juice Box Hero


1 years, 10 months (approx.)




Domestic Longhair






Santa Rosa

Juice Box Hero has stars in his eyes, but instead of picking up a guitar, he’d rather pick up a treat! Toys feel good in his paws, and it doesn’t take him long to understand that he needs to make it to the top- of his cat tree, that is! Juice Box Hero is an active, engaging cat in search of a home that can keep up with his intelligence and energy needs. He previously lived in a home where he could safely be indoor/outdoor, and we think he would love to re-adopt that lifestyle. Juice Box Hero can be an independent guy, and he needs people who accept that he isn’t super snuggly and sometimes prefers to just hang out with you instead of getting pets. If you don’t respect his boundaries, he may just decide to give you a little ‘bap’ with a paw as a reminder. He’s a lot of fun and watching him dash after a treat or a wand toy is sure to make you smile! Call us or come to the shelter to learn more about this Hero: 707-542-0882.


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