Juliet the Rabbit

About Juliet

This is Juliet


2 years, 5 months




New Zealand






Santa Rosa

Juliet is a sweet little rabbit who has had quite the rough life up until this point. She was originally found as a stray last May in Palo Alto and ended up at the shelter there. Two days after arrival she surprised shelter staff by giving birth to seven babies- a pretty big litter for a rabbit! A few months later, the babies were weaned and Juliet was transferred to another rescue. That rescue had her for 10 months, yet Juliet still didn’t find her home. So we agreed to take her in to see if we would have better luck with her!

Juliet, understandably, is fairly timid after all that and will need a quiet and rabbit experienced home. But beneath her shy exterior lays the heart of a lion! As she gets more comfortable Juliet’s sassy personality is showing more and more. She definitely has her own opinions and expects them to be followed. In the right home Juliet will really be an amazing and fun companion.

All Humane Society of Sonoma County rabbits are companion house rabbits. They live indoors only and cage free- living in a pen or free-roam in the home. This lets them live much longer, happier lives! Indoor rabbits can live 12+ years and require a lot of time and commitment. In return they offer years of love and companionship!


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