Justin the Rabbit

About Justin

This is Justin


1 years, 4 months




English Spot






Santa Rosa

Happy days are coming your way. I’m a merry fellow, good-humored and friendly with everyone. Come sit with me. We’ll do homework together and you can tell your teacher a brilliant bunny helped you if he notices chews on the edges. Let’s play lots of fun floor games: hide under the towel; run down the hall; jump on the bed. My legs are strong and I like to move them. Is it Netflix time? Stretch out next to me and we’ll trade back rubs for arm licks. My heart is loyal. I yearn for a family to call my own: voices of love promising safety, a big carpet for my dancing feet, and scrumptious bunny salads. Guarantee I’ll fill your rafters with laughter!

All Humane Society of Sonoma County rabbits are companion house rabbits. They live indoors only and cage free- living in a pen or free-roam in the home. This lets them live much longer, happier lives! Indoor rabbits can live 12+ years and require a lot of time and commitment. In return they offer years of love and companionship!


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