Nova the Dog

About Nova

This is Nova


2 years, 1 months (approx.)




British Bulldog / Pit Bull mix






Santa Rosa

Nova is a big softy at heart. She absolutely adores her people, and though she can take a little bit of time to warm up to new people, she’ll be happy to shower them in kisses once she knows them. She loves spending time with her human companions and wishes that she never has to spend any time away from them. Her perfect day with her people would consist of getting lots of pets, rolling around in the grass, getting belly rubs, and hanging out on the couch. We think the Nova would absolutely melt if she went to a home where her family works from home and she would never have to be apart from them.

The HSSC Marketing Department has been ‘Office Fostering’ Nova during the day. They have fallen so head over heals in love with her that they SPONSORED her ADOPTION! (Yay Nova!) They’d like you to know that Nova is potty trained, takes treats very well, snores while she sleeps and knows how to sit and shake hands. If you’d like to know more about her, call our Adoption Counselors to hear about this extra special smooshy faced sweet doggie!!!


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