Tala Davis, Trainer

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taladavis-01Tala Davis is a long-time volunteer at the Sonoma Humane Society and a graduate of the Canine Behavior Academy I and II with Trish King at the Marin Humane Society.

Tala is passionate about the importance of exposing puppies to positive experiences with a wide variety of humans, dogs, objects, and environments during their early lives. Proper socialization at a young age is one of the best ways to prevent dogs from ending up in shelters, so Tala has volunteered her time to run SHS’s Puppy Socialization classes for the past 3 years, helping puppies and their families get off to a good start.

When she’s not buried under heaps of pups, Tala particularly loves working with very small dogs and with dogs who are struggling to overcome fear, anxiety, and social insecurity. Her own pack of five rescue dogs range in size from 6 lb blue chihuahua Mavi to 15 lb golden fluffbeast Pixie, and they all came to her as under-socialized adolescents with fear-driven behavioral challenges. They continue to amaze and delight her with their ability to work with, past, and around their fears to lead rich, joyful lives.

Tala’s training style emphasizes empathy, patience, playfulness, and good humor. Oh, and separate pockets for stinky dog treats and delicious human goodies!

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